ES Handcrafted

ES Handcrafted

My name is Erfan and I'm a self-taught leather crafting enthusiast with a passion for natural vegetable-tanned leather products. I've been an avid watch collector for many years and have always loved changing the straps and buckles that came with my watches. My interest in leather crafting was born out of frustration with the watch strap industry - with many manufacturers producing either cheap, low grade straps that wouldn't last long, or charging exorbitant prices for higher quality straps making them out of reach for many people.

​My aim from the beginning has been to create pieces that have high workmanship quality, made with quality materials and at competitive prices. I was always told you have to choose two of these when buying a strap, a notion I strongly disagree with and strive to continually challenge with the work I do. 

I use techniques which I've honed over time to make high quality and bespoke leather watch straps. 

Since then I have gradually added more designs, using a variety of different leather hides, all with a greater range of variations on offer. 

I'm based in the beautiful foothills Adelaide in Australia, where I draw a lot of my inspiration. The leather hides I use are mostly locally sourced, high quality and very durable. I craft each of my products individually to your specifications, cutting, dyeing, hand-stitching and burnishing before finishing off by conditioning the leather. Most of the items I make are made from vegetable-tanned leather, a natural and unique type of leather which requires a great deal of time and skill to work with but has the benefits of being environmentally friendly, long-lasting and unique.