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Want to discover different flavours at home? Learn with our 12-week course featuring a span of Asian cuisines from Japanese, through Indian. You’ll learn the fundamental cooking skills tied to each of these unique Asian cultures, as you explore through each week’s lesson. Every week you’ll gain access to new recipes, tutorials and lessons ranging from shopping tips, through knife skills, nutritional tips and unique cooking methods. What makes this platform unique is our hands-on support system, where we connect you with professional chefs to help guide you through your own cooking adventure. With a wide array of multimedia to choose from: written recipes, weekly live broadcast cooking demonstrations, online support, blog posts and community Q&A, we are offering an especially engaging and interactive way to learn cooking from the comfort of your own home.


  • Access to over 45+ unique, authentic recipes from all over Asia
  • A large selection of interactive media and informative structures
  • Round-the-clock support from professional chefs
  • Weekly broadcast live cooking demonstrations
  • Community Q&A with professional chefs


  • Introduction
  • Vietnamese Cooking
  • Thai Cooking
  • Chinese Cooking
  • Indian Cooking
  • Indonesian Cooking
  • Japanese Cooking
  • Korean Cooking
  • Thai Finger Foods
  • Chinese Finger Foods
  • Vietnamese Finger Foods


  • Once you sign up here we will manually load you into our online cooking platform. Here you will get access to prerecorded videos, recipes and notes for your class.
  • Move at your own pace! Sign on to our course at any time. We provide hands-on support for a 12-week period beginning when you sign up. You have 6 months to complete the course once you begin. Although we are happy to extend your duration if need be.
  • Weekly meet-ups providing you with direct food-coaching, Q&A and tutoring. Our rotating menu means each week we will focus on a new cuisine or set of dishes.
  • We run the live cooking 3x12 weeks per year depending on the number of guests in the system.


  • Yes, we sell gift cards with allotment amounts of your choosing redeemable for up to 3 years since the Date of Purchase. Please contact us by email at with your name, gift voucher amount.
  • We also accept gift vouchers from Otao Kitchen, for our online platform, Home Cooking Live.