Sweet AS West Coast Honey Hamper

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 A Burst of Magic Sweet As West Coast Honey Hamper

Pretty much everyone loves honey, this amazing little hamper has been put together using fresh natural honey from Western Australia's only family owned central honey processing facility.

It contains a selection of the honeys listed below: 

Blackbutt Honey

A dark to medium coloured honey with a full bodied flavour unlike any other Eycalypt. This dark honey gets it's rich colour from a higher mineral content. Blackbutt honey will take a fair while to crystalise when cooler, but will thicken nicely. Serves as a great substitute to golden syrup in baking.

White Gum

This delicious honey is light in colour and smooth in texture. A sweet toffee like flavour makes this variety a popular choice with the children and a great substitute in baking or as a sweetener in hot drinks and smoothies. Whitegum honey will crystalise fairly rapidly as the weather cools down, into a smooth and fine crystalisation not dissimilar to a creamed honey in texture.

Wild Flower

A smooth and light honey, it is aromatic with a distinctive floral flavour.  Sweeter than our eucalypt varieties, this will crystallise quickly in the cooler weather into a fine crystallisation.

About West Coast Honey.

West Coast honey

West Coast Honey is a very proud family owned business which opened to the public on the 23 September 2003 with the idea of value-adding to our honey business whilst educating the general public of the importance of the environment and the honey bee.

West Coast Honey is the only central honey extracting (seasonal) facility and honey bee interpretive centre in Western Australia. Our facilities allow patrons of all ages and cultures to learn about the importance of our environment, the life of a Honey Bee, Beekeeper/Apiarist, the extraction of honey and the different by-products produced from the hive.