The Happy Hour Virtual Team Building

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We will be cultivating a fun and imaginative atmosphere, making delicious food and drinks to share in this virtual team-building ‘happy hour’. Through an approachable back-to-the-basics style of cooking and hospitality, we empower people to connect and develop as a group. Our chef instructors have structured a fun, engaging, and interactive program using food and beverages as a vehicle for inspiring deeper connections. We provide a variety of food-based experiences like home cook-offs, cocktail workshops, cooking classes, contests and challenges.


  • A variety of tailored food experiences for your workplace or team
  • Imaginative and engaging programs orchestrated by professional chefs
  • Learn, create and socialize from the comfort of your home 


  • A tailor-made food experience lasting 1-2 hours, with customizable options to choose from
  • An engaging, interactive and hands-on program created by industry professionals
  • Real-time interactive 'face-to-face' with our culinary instructors
  • Recipe packages based on your food experience with us
  • Home or office delivery options for our workshop menus
  • Select one or all of them for the best virtual team-building ideas below:

#1 Breakfast Inspirations
People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a nutritious and balanced breakfast means maintaining energy levels, improving mood, and self-esteem. But the trouble is, in our busy lifestyles many of us find it hard to fit cooking breakfast from scratch into our everyday schedule. In this virtual team cooking experience, our chefs will teach you how to make a delicious and balanced breakfast, using accessible ingredients and approachable techniques. We will focus on techniques that are easy to execute at home and provide valuable tips and tricks for expanding cooking into your everyday schedule.

#2 On a roll...
Let's face it, some of our favourite foods happen to share the common element of being parcelled in the roll. Whether it's the Vietnamese rice paper rolls, encased in an elusive and silky rice sheet, sushi encased in oceany seaweed or the crisp exterior of spring rolls, we'll show you how we roll with fun and exceedingly delicious approach to rolled foods at home. You'll learn key techniques and recipes from our professional culinary instructors and gain access to our online video library. Plant-based options are available!

#3 The Magic of Spice
Unlock the magic of spices. In this course, we explore different spice blends, showing you how to create unique and versatile spice blends from home. These creations will surely jazz up your home-cooking, save you money and also make for amazing, heartfelt and personal gifts. We'll show you how to toast and blend custom spice mixtures, providing you with accessible recipes, created by our chefs. We'll also show and inspire you to package and customize your creations with cute wrapping and decorating techniques. It's also an approachable and fun project for kids. Delivery options are available. $35pp incl postage.

#4 Going Native
A full picture of Australian culture is incomplete without looking at bushfoods, a variety of native, and indigenous ingredients with flavourful potential in your home kitchen. In this experience, we will introduce new local ingredients and flavours, and show you how to unlock their full potential in your home kitchen. This unique cooking and dining experience has been designed to appeal to all ages and skill levels. Our chef instructors will expound upon the health benefits and practical applications of each ingredient covered in the course. Discover how each ingredient is tied to indigenous traditions and customs. We'll show you how to practically incorporate ingredients such as lemon myrtle, anise myrtle, strawberry gum, mountain pepper and native mints into your everyday home cooking. Delivery options available ($35pp incl postage)

#5 Dumpling Party 45 minutes
Dumplings are a well-loved and ubiquitous food spanning numerous cultures. In this culinary experience, our seasoned instructors will show your team how to create your own delectable dumplings from your home kitchen. We'll show you how to make create a variety of delicious fillings and decorate them into works of are with through a repertoire of various folding techniques. This engaging and interactive class gives you a platform for bringing your team together remotely through one of the worlds more beloved food preparations. Delivery options available ($35pp incl postage).


  • Our virtual cooking experiences off a unique alternative to team meetups, workplace meetings and afternoon tea, powered by Zoom, our experience can accommodate up to 100 guests at a time.
  • We can cater to different dietary requirements - please let us know by sending us an email at
  • Cancellations or rescheduling must be made at least 7 days in advance of your existing class reservation. Changes can be made by emailing: Unfortunately, we cannot refund or rebook any cancellations made after this time.
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