ES Handcrafted The "Leabrook" Vegetable Tanned Leather Watch Strap

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This watch strap is named after one of the picturesque foothill suburbs of Adelaide, where I grew up - and still live today, enjoying life creating these beautifully handcrafted watch straps.

These straps are made from high quality cow vegetable tan leather - a natural leather that is durable and long lasting, developing a desirable patina as worn. I make these straps to order using natural and environmentally friendly products, they are hand stitched and the edges are beautifully finished with gum tragacanth and beeswax. The Leabrook watch straps are a minimalist style strap that are inspired by vintage/retro racing watch straps, they can either be a straight style or tapered strap and are finished off with high quality stainless steel buckles.

Length: 100/75mm (small), 115/75mm (medium), 130/80mm (large)

Thickness: Select from medium (2.0 - 2.2mm thick) or thick (2.8 - 3.0mm) thickness.

Available colours: Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Mahogany, Royal Blue, Green, Red, Black

Stitching colours: White, Off-white, Black, Yellow, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Red, Grey

The example strap in the pictures is a dark brown strap with light brown stitching.

About ES Handcrafted.

ES Handcrafted

My name is Erfan and I'm a self-taught leather crafting enthusiast with a passion for natural vegetable-tanned leather products. I've been an avid watch collector for many years and have always loved changing the straps and buckles that came with my watches. My interest in leather crafting was born out of frustration with the watch strap industry - with many manufacturers producing either cheap, low grade straps that wouldn't last long, or charging exorbitant prices for higher quality straps making them out of reach for many people.