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Cooking is naturally the perfect way to entertain your guests while having a great time exploring unforgettable regional foods. We have experience in hosting numerous types of events such as Christmas party, team building, corporate hospitality and client events. Our Social Cooking Party Menus are designed for team building, corporate and private cooking classes and parties with streamline cooking less or no prep so guests can go have great food and fun cooking time. This way we can cater to many dietary requirement and levels of cooking.

Learn and have fun together in your next private client and corporate team building events. You can collaborate and develop mutual trust and respect. You don’t need to be a master of the kitchen to take part in our cooking classes as our chefs will provide expert chefs will be on hand to help. We can add a fun and friendly competitive flavour to your cooking event. Our street food challenge pitches team-against-team to prepare and serve the best street foods in the region. All of this is taught, supervised and judged by our highly experienced chefs.


  • The ultimate organic way of building the relationship and connecting to people from 10-150 people
  • Hands-on cooking experience with your own chef or chefs with fundamentals of fresh ingredients and flavours
  • Prepare a range of quick, healthy and authentic Asian recipes with cooking tips, tricks, and techniques
  • Refreshment drinks throughout the class and a wonderful meal to enjoy at the end, with complimentary sparkling wine and beer.
  • Access to exclusive use of our venue, indoor and outdoor function spaces available


  • We begin with a complimentary refresher while guests are arriving. Next, we prep for 1 hour. Then we together cook all the dishes. Finally, you and your guests can enjoy new flavours, exotic ingredients, cooking, drinking, eating and sharing your creations around a large kitchen table.
  • We handle all the arrangements so you and your guests can enjoy the bonding time together. Beyond a one-stop activity spot, we really pride ourselves on the fact that our cooking experiences truly bring people together in a unique way, smelling, feeling, slicing, dicing, rolling and panfrying.
  • We are not an ordinary cooking class, there is no recipes or slide show or lecturing, we are a playful arena where you and your guests can build connections, make great memories and as well healthy and freshly made foods.
  • Post-party venue – The National Hotel, located on Richmond’s bustling Victoria Street, is a place for locals and far-flung travellers to come together in a community-minded space, where the staff is always proud to serve and the atmosphere is heady with good vibes.


  • We will set up different cooking stations with a chef on hand in each station. Each customer will cook, eat, share and clean up on one station then move to the next station. They will eat as they go and have time to bond or catch up while the chef reset for the next round.
  • Each station will have a total of one hour: 30 minutes to cook, 15 minutes to eat and 15 minutes to clean up. The station will hold up 8-12 people. The more people the more dishes/stations you can select.
  • You can select 2-3 hour class with included the chef, food and 2-3 complimentary drinks.

(1) Hoanh Thanh- Dumplings and Wontons
(2) Cha Gio Spring Rolls or Banh Xeo - Vietnamese Pancake
(3) Goi Cuon Rice Paper Rolls - Bo La Lot- Beef in Betel Leaves

(4) Kaeng Khiao Wan- Green Chicken or Duck Curry, Som Tam - Green Papaya Salad or Thai Larb
(5) Tom Yum Goong- Sweet and Sour Shrimp Soup with Noodle

(6) Temaki- Handrolls with Seasonal Fish and Vegetables
(7) Gyoza - Pan-fried Dumplings
(8) Okonomiyaki- Cabbage and Pork Pancakes
(9) Miso soup with a selection of toppings

(10) Jiaozi+ Wonton- Dumplings and Wontons
(11) Gua Bao- Steamed Buns with Seasonal Fillings
(12) San Choi Bao - Cooked pork chunk wrapped in lettuce
(13) Cong You Bing- Spring Onion Pancakes

(14) Paella - Rice with Chicken/Seafood

(15) Neapolitan Pizza Dough or Insalata- Seasonal Salad (GF) or Pizza Stagioni- Pizza with Seasonal Toppings

Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and other dietary on request.

If there’s someone in your life who loves to cook, treat them to a cooking experience and inspire them to explore their passion. Whether it’s cooking alongside an experienced chef, picking up new tips and tricks in the kitchen, or simply enjoying the opportunity to get to taste some exotic ingredients, we’ve got the perfect gourmet treat to excite the palate of every amateur chef. Perhaps experience our best food walk tour and Asian cooking class in Melbourne. Our experienced chef shows you how to buy fresh produce to cook dishes of your choice. Informative, hands-on, easy-going so you are sure to have a great time. Price from $950 with private chef, 3-hour cooking, all foods and wine.

Do you need a little assistance in-home kitchen? Take a home cooking class and learn a few new tricks, techniques, and recipes that will be just what you need to make cooking an everyday part of your life. We have taught in a variety of venues and home kitchen and we believe that the best learning experience comes from using your own kitchen and equipment, so you’ll be able to execute these new recipes again and again.

Classes are between 2-3 hours from $125 pp with minimum spend of $1200 depending on the menu, during which time we will prepare 3 to 4 dishes to start to finish. All menus are custom designed to suit your tastes, skills and kitchen equipment. Classes can be held in any kitchen in the Melbourne City area. When you sign up for a class, you will receive an email to help us learn more about your kitchen layout and equipment. No kitchen is too small to teach in and be prepared to use tabletops in living or dining areas as extra class space. If you’d like to inquire about private group classes, please make sure you have enough space and equipment for everyone.

You and your guests can get a sense of possible recipes by looking at these sample menus by theme. Classes are tailored to individual tastes and instructional needs with online recipes. A chef will help to clean up tools and equipment as they go. This kind of cooking class may require hosts to help out. If you don't want to do dishes and cleaning up you might better opt for cooking class at our venue instead. We do have a commercial washer and large premises and the cleaning up will be much more efficient.

Weekend availability is extremely limited and may need to be booked a few months in advance as chefs are high in demand with working for restaurants and venues. Please be prepared to enjoy your class on a weeknight and offer three date options when enquiring. Classes are typically scheduled from 6-8 pm, with the meal being enjoyed around 8/8:30pm.

Food is a great way of bringing people together and is an important element of any successful event. Whether you need a host a corporate function or corporate event or just wanting to have private party venues, Otao Kitchen can provide an exceptional Private and Corporate events' services customized to your needs and budget.

Our chefs have years of experience teaching people how to cook and consider it a privilege to show you his or her best methods at all kinds of events and celebrations. The key to our service is our passion for food, exceptional service and a great attitude that translates into exceptional Private and Corporate events that will have all your guests coming back for seconds.

Birthdays and celebrations are particularly special to all of us and organizing the perfect birthday or celebrations is a delicate task for many of us. Sorting our foods, beverage, bonding activities and venue for all the attending family and friends can be a daunting task to face on your own, so let our team handle the task for you with delicious food and great cooking activity to suit even the fussiest eaters without blowing your budget. We have become one of the most sought after hens party and corporate event company in Melbourne and are more than capable of catering to any special dietary requirements.

People love to cook and share food with their friends and family. Giving people something to do in the kitchen is more fun because everyone likes to engage in your party. This way you can learn so much more about your friends and family as their personality may come out when they are chopping and preparing the meal.

Our budget daytime 2-hour cooking class with our most popular dumpling and/or pizza class from $109pp min 10 Pax with one chef. If you have 20 pax it will require a 2nd chef and 2nd kitchen table so your group can do both. These classes are quick and fun to do and they created their most loved foods during business hours Monday to Thursday starting either 10 am or 2 pm. We will have a complimentary beer or a glass of wine. You can buy wine or beer or BYO for this class.

Ha Nguyen
Chef Instructor and Director
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